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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available in a combination of work-study, education loans, and scholarship to assist students in financing their education. The financial aid application deadline is March 1 for incoming students and March 15 for returning students. Individuals in default of a student loan will not be granted a financial aid award until clearance of such a default is provided to the School. Financial aid, whether in the form of loan, scholarship, or job, is authorized contingent upon the student’s maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

In conformity with University policy, financial assistance is determined only after a student has been accepted for admission and is awarded solely on the basis of financial need and available resources within the Yale School of Art. There are no scholarships based on merit or any criteria other than financial need. The School determines financial need in accordance with formulas established by federal and institutional methodologies. New applicants are encouraged to submit documents well before the admissions decision date to ensure the best possible funding. Over 80 percent of students in the School receive a form of financial aid.

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Required Financial Aid Data

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Complete and submit all of the following by the above-stated deadlines:

  • 1. FAFSA. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—student section only—online at www.fafsa.gov. Note the Yale University federal school code is 001426. For FAFSA technical assistance, call 800.433.3243. Those who applied for federal financial aid during the previous academic year may complete a Renewal FAFSA online by using their FSA ID number. Those who have not yet created an FSA ID number and password can do so at www.studentaid.gov/fsaid. Those who do not remember their FSA ID number or password can retrieve them from the log-in page.
  • 2. CollegeBoard CSS Profile. Complete the student and parent (and, if applicable, spouse) sections of the CSS Profile online at https://student.collegeboard.org/css-financial-aid-profile. For general information and/or technical assistance, call 844.202.0524.
  • 3. 2017 Federal Tax Returns. Submit signed copies of 2017 federal tax returns, W-2s, and schedules for the applicant, spouse, and both parents—regardless of the age or dependency of the applicant—to Yale School of Art, Office of Financial Affairs, PO Box 208339, New Haven CT 06520-8339.

International Citizens

Complete and submit the following by the above-stated deadlines:

  • 1. CollegeBoard CSS Profile. Complete the student and parent (and, if applicable, spouse) sections of the CSS Profile online at https://student.collegeboard.org/css-financial-aid-profile. For general information and/or technical assistance, call 844.202.0524.
  • 2. International Student Certification of Finances. Print form from the website http://art.yale.edu/FinancialAid.
  • 3. Documentation of 2016 income and tax data (U.S. and/or Home Country) for the applicant, spouse, and both parents.

All forms must be completed by the applicant, spouse, and both parents and returned to the Office of Financial Affairs, along with all income and tax documentation. Mail or hand deliver to Yale School of Art, Office of Financial Affairs, PO Box 208339, New Haven CT 06520-8339. Please take into consideration sufficient postal time for delivery of forms to the United States from abroad.

Financial Aid Awards

School of Art financial aid awards are based on financial need and the School’s resources; it is for this reason that students are urged to plan their finances for each year with the utmost care. Students should be prepared to cover their anticipated need at the start of the program. The School cannot guarantee additional help once the financial aid award is determined.

A typical single student budget for the nine-month academic year follows:

  • $59,832 comprising
  • $37,632
  • Tuition
  • 17,000
  • Living expenses (including hospitalization insurance)
  • 5,200
  • Books, art supplies, and academic fees
  • _______
  • $59,832

The following named scholarship funds provide financial aid for enrolled students: Benson Scholarship, Richard “Chip” Benson Endowed Scholarship Fund, John A. Carrafiell Scholarship Fund, Barry Cohen Scholarship Fund, CreativeFeed Design Scholarship, Blair Dickinson Scholarship, Alvin Eisenman Scholarship Fund, Alice Kimball English Scholarship, Fosburgh Scholarship, Leeds-Marwell Photography Scholarship, Lin Art/Architecture Scholarship Fund, Alfred L. McDougal and Nancy Lauter Endowed Scholarship Fund, Holland R. Melson Jr. Fund, Stavros Niarchos Foundation School of Art International Student Scholarship, Herbert R. Nubel Endowed Scholarship, Fannie Pardee Scholarship, James William Procter Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund, Professor Robert Reed Scholarship Fund, Andrea Frank Foundation Sanyu Scholarship Fund, Charles Sawyer Scholarship and Prize in Graphic Design, Barry Schactman Scholarship Fund, Schickle Collingwood Prize, Carol Schlosberg Scholarship, Robert Schoelkopf Scholarship, School of Art Endowment Fund for Financial Aid, School of Art Scholarship Fund, Amy Tatro Scholarship Fund, Bradbury Thompson Scholarship, Leopoldo Villareal III Scholarship, Richard Welling Scholarship Fund, and Herbert Zohn Scholarship Fund.

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Anti-Drug Abuse Act Certification and Statement on Selective Service Registration

To receive Title IV funds (Federal Direct, Perkins Loans, or Federal Work-Study [FWS]) a student must complete a Statement of Educational Purpose that certifies whether or not there is a record of the possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while that student was receiving federal student aid (section 5301 of P.L. 100-690). This statement also confirms that the individual has registered for Selective Service (if male) or states the reason why he is not required to do so. If required to do so, a student must be registered with Selective Service. If false information is purposely given on this form, the student may be subject to fine or imprisonment or both (20 U.S.C. 1091 and 50 U.S.C. App. 462).

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Veterans Administration Benefits

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to seek specific information about Veterans Administration Benefits from their local Veterans Administration office or by calling 1.888.442.4551 or visiting www.gibill.va.gov. The School of Art will be happy to assist students with claims once they are enrolled.

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The Student Employment Office, 246 Church Street (https://yalestudentjobs.org), assists self-supporting students in obtaining part-time employment within the University. Many work-study jobs are assigned by the School of Art, at the beginning of the term, for employment within the graduate art departments, and many students in the School obtain off-campus freelance or weekly part-time jobs.

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Appointments to teaching assistantships are made by the dean and faculty of the School of Art and are usually given only to second-year students. A student may not apply for an assistantship because all appointments are based on individual merit and performance qualifications and not on financial need. A U.S. Social Security number is required in order to be paid as a teaching assistant. Teaching assistantships may be for one or two terms and the gross monthly payments generally range between $500 and $700.

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