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Yale University Summer School of Music and Art

Norfolk, Connecticut

May 20–June 30, 2018

The art division offers a six-week session for academic credit as a special summer program. The School is located on the Stoeckel estate and is supported by the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Trust.

Through the generosity of this trust, the full expenses of tuition, room, and board are covered by a fellowship grant to each student approved for admission. Selected colleges, universities, and professional art schools across the country and abroad are invited to nominate for these fellowships two candidates who are currently enrolled as juniors in their programs. There is an application fee of $20 and a registration fee of $1,500.

Students in art follow a required program of painting/sculpture/mixed-media, drawing/printmaking, photography, and critical theory.

Distinguished artists are on both the resident and the visiting faculty. The visiting faculty provide workshops, lectures, and individual criticism. The resident faculty in 2015 includes Colleen Asper, Sarah Anne Johnson, Martin Kersels, Samuel Messer (Director), and Didier William.

Information about the program may be obtained in late January from the schools that have been invited to participate. The application deadline is in March. Persons interested in being considered for nomination should so inform their department heads. Individuals may not apply directly to the Norfolk program.

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