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Series 112 Number 5 July 15, 2016

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Editor Lesley K. Baier

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The closing date for material in this bulletin was June 25, 2016.

The University reserves the right to withdraw or modify the courses of instruction or to change the instructors at any time.

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Graduate School Offices

  • Admissions 203.432.2771, graduate.admissions@yale.edu
  • Alumni Relations 203.432.1942, julia.downs@yale.edu
  • Dean grad.dean@yale.edu
  • Finance and Administration 203.432.2739
  • Financial Aid 203.432.7980, gradfinaid@yale.edu
  • General Information Office 203.432.2770
  • Graduate Writing Laboratory grad.writing@yale.edu
  • McDougal Graduate Student Center 203.432.2583, mcdougal.center@yale.edu
  • Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity michelle.nearon@yale.edu
  • office of Career strategy ocs@yale.edu
  • Registrar (deputy) 203.432.2743, registrar.gsas@yale.edu
  • Teaching Fellow Program 203.432.2757, teaching.fellows@yale.edu
  • Yale Center for teaching and learning 203.432.7702; ctl@yale.edu

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