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Welcome to the Yale School of Music

From its beginning in 1894, the Yale School of Music has nurtured some of America’s most successful performers, composers, and cultural leaders. The School of Music extends its influence and invitation to the finest musicians worldwide, seeking students of extraordinary artistic and intellectual talent to pursue their advanced musical studies with its illustrious faculty. These students and faculty contribute to and benefit from the international distinction of Yale University, which not only cherishes its academic heritage but also places great value on all of the fine arts.

Yale is renowned for its libraries, art galleries, historical collections, and theatrical presentations, and for its rich concert life. The eleven other professional schools at the University, the Graduate School, and Yale College itself contribute to the vibrant social and educational environment. The city of New Haven and its surrounding towns offer an abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities through their historical villages, diverse neighborhoods, charming shops, fine restaurants, beaches, and orchards. While Yale has virtually inexhaustible cultural resources, its close proximity to New York and Boston broadens the possibilities for an enhanced student experience.

The School of Music Bulletin is far more than a collection of policies, degree programs, and faculty profiles. It reflects a community that is fully committed to the highest musical ideals. It is a blueprint for those who will assume the mantle of cultural leadership. It is a reflection of a School steeped in tradition yet shaping the future. It is a brief sampling of what you might expect from your time in this place.

Whether you intend to perform, coach, teach, research, direct, compose, publish, critique, edit, manage, or lead, consider the opportunities for a challenging and significant immersion in everything that Yale University has to offer.

The faculty and staff of the Yale School of Music wish you much success in your time here and in your musical pursuits.

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Mission Statement

The Yale School of Music educates and inspires students with exceptional artistic and academic talent for service to the profession and to society. The School fosters a vibrant musical environment where graduate-level performers and composers realize their highest artistic potential with an internationally distinguished faculty. To prepare students for roles as cultural leaders, the School engages fully with the University’s extraordinary intellectual and technological resources while collaborating with artistic centers throughout the world.

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