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Student Organizations and Committees

Student Government

Student Association of Yale School of Public Health (SAYPH)

SAYPH is organized by YSPH students for YSPH students. SAYPH works to enhance the educational experience of each student at the School by sponsoring educational and social activities, providing a forum for students’ ideas and concerns, and acting as a liaison with the administration. Through SAYPH students get involved in many areas, including:

  • • New student orientation
  • • Lecture series, films, colloquia, and other programs of interest to the public health community
  • • Recruitment of new students to YSPH
  • • Community service
  • • Social events
  • • Commencement activities
  • • Distribution of funds to YSPH-affiliated student organizations

SAYPH is headed by an Executive Committee consisting of a president, a social committee chair, professional development committee chair, community service chair, and communications chair. There are at least two departmental representatives acting as liaisons between students and the faculty and administration.

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS or “Yale Senate”) is composed of student-elected representatives from each of the thirteen graduate and professional schools. Any student enrolled in these schools is eligible to run for a senate seat during fall elections. Senate meetings occur on alternating Thursdays and are open to the entire graduate and professional school community, as well as representatives from the Yale administration. The senate advocates for student concerns and advancement by serving as a liaison between students and Yale administration, faculty, and officers. It also facilitates social interaction among graduate and professional students, works with local groups and initiatives to provide opportunities for students to give back to the community, and provides funding for student groups and organizations. The senate supervises the Graduate and Professional Student Center at Yale (GPSCY), at 204 York Street, which provides meeting space for student organizations and is home to Gryphon’s Pub. For more information, please visit http://gpss.yale.edu.

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Special Interest Groups

Students in the School of Public Health participate in a diverse range of special interest groups, from Yale chapters of professional associations to student-run clinics and other public service organizations. For additional information, see Student Activities at http://publichealth.yale.edu/about/gateways/students/orgs.

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