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Office of Student Affairs

47 College Street, 203.785.6260

Frank Grosso, Associate Dean

Sarah Harmon, Associate Director/Registrar

The Office of Student Affairs offers services and provides resources designed to enhance student life at YSPH. The associate dean has primary responsibility for the student experience at YSPH, represents the interests of all students to the faculty, and participates in policy decisions for the school. Dean Grosso and Sarah Harmon are available to discuss academic, extracurricular, or personal issues with YSPH students. The Office of Student Affairs also coordinates orientation, Commencement, and other student programs, and serves as the administrative liaison with YSPH student organizations. The goal of the office is to ensure that every YSPH student is productively engaged in both academic and nonacademic aspects of school life.

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Career Management Center

47 College Street, 203.785.2827, 203.785.4285

Felicia Spencer, Director

Kelly Shay, Assistant Director

The Career Management Center assists students in all phases of developing, managing, and implementing career plans and strategies.

Career Counseling

The Career Management Center advises students on a wide range of career development issues, including but not limited to creating effective résumés, honing interview skills, exploring summer internship options, and discussing opportunities for post-graduation jobs or study.

Professional Skills Seminars

The Career Management Center administers a series of seminars to help prepare students to successfully manage all aspects of a job or internship search as well as equip them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen career paths. Students are trained in mock interviewing, public speaking, networking with alumni, and business communications.

Recruiting and Job Information

The Career Management Center works to attract a variety of organizations seeking to hire public health professionals. The YSPH CareerBoard, a Web-based recruitment tool, is a centralized source for posting job, internship, and fellowship opportunities.


The summer internship between the first and second years is an important learning experience, providing students with an opportunity to apply the public health theory and knowledge learned in their course work in real-world settings and explore or confirm a particular career interest. Students are expected to perform full-time work for typically ten to twelve weeks and no less than eight weeks in a public health setting, domestically or globally. The Career Management Center also helps students identify internship opportunities through on-campus recruiting, job postings, and alumni and faculty contacts.

Career Trips

The Career Management Center sponsors and organizes career trips to Washington, D.C., and New York City to help introduce students to the broad array of public health opportunities in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

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Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

333 Cedar Street, 203.785.5359 (circulation desk), 203.737.2963 (public health librarian)

John Gallagher, Director

Kate Nyhan, Research and Education Librarian for Public Health, kate.nyhan@yale.edu

The Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library supports the public health and biomedical information needs of Yale University and the Yale-New Haven Medical Center. Many of the library’s resources are conveniently available online, and we welcome students to use our services, resources, and spaces for course work, research, and professional development.

Consultations and Workshops

Students are welcome to meet one-on-one with the public health librarian for advice on their research projects, as consumers of evidence (finding and appraising resources), and as producers of evidence (disseminating theses and publishing articles). Librarians also visit classes, departments, and labs with tailored presentations and hands-on instruction, and collaborate on publications like systematic reviews. Librarians offer regular workshops on such topics as PubMed and other literature databases, systematic reviews, expert searching, research impact, bioinformatics, geographic information systems, citation management, research data management, health statistics, and more; see http://library.medicine.yale.edu/classes. StatLab consultants are available for advice; see http://csssi.yale.edu/data/csssi-statistical-consultants-schedule. Research guides and video tutorials are available at http://library.medicine.yale.edu/tutorials.


The library’s collection includes about 23,000 electronic journals, 100 databases, and 30,000 electronic books, in addition to 250,000 print books available for circulation or on reserve. Yale students have access to the library’s electronic collections from anywhere using VPN software. The service GetIt@Yale provides fast, free electronic access to chapters and articles through interlibrary loan or scanning. Print books from other Yale libraries and Borrow Direct schools can be conveniently delivered to the medical library circulation desk.

Bioinformatics support includes free training for and access to Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, MetaCore, Partek Flow, BIOBASE, Qlucore, and more tools for omics analysis.

The special collections of the Medical Historical Library and the Cushing Center—including medical incunabula, rare books, prints, photographs, and objects—support research and education in the history of medicine and public health.

The library lends students chargers, display adapters, clickers, video and audio recording equipment, and laptops, and it provides free subscriptions and support for citation management software.

Library Spaces and Technology

The library offers reservable group study spaces and conference rooms, all featuring large monitors or projectors. Individual study carrels and tables are found on all levels of the library; comfortable armchairs and a meditation room are on the lower level. Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as printers and scanners, are available in the Information Room and the 24/7 Computer & Study Space. Software is available for quantitative data analysis, geographic information systems, qualitative data analysis, video editing, citation management, desktop publishing, and more. The library is open 7:30 a.m.–12 midnight on weeknights during the spring and fall terms and offers all-hours keycard access to the 24/7 Computer & Study Space. The Cushing Center—an educational and historical collection of brain samples—and a Yale Information Technology Services walk-in center are located on the lower levels.

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Office of the Registrar

47 College Street, 203.785.6260

Sarah Harmon, Registrar

The registrar’s office prepares course schedules, enrolls and registers students, maintains student records, and monitors academic progress. The following can be obtained from the registrar’s office:

  • • Proof of student status. The registrar can provide a letter attesting to your student status and process loan deferment forms.
  • • Information on degree requirements and the registration process.
  • • Transcripts. Copies of transcripts must be requested from the registrar’s office. The transcript request form is available at http://publichealth.yale.edu/about/gateways/students/mph/mph_academics. Two business days should be allowed for the processing of requests. There is no charge for an official transcript. By law, the registrar may only release YSPH transcripts. Prior transcripts and recommendations included in a student’s application to YSPH must be obtained from their original source.
  • • Nondisclosure of personal information forms.

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Office of Alumni Affairs

47 College Street, 203.785.6245

Dawn Carroll, Coordinator, Alumni Affairs

The YSPH Office of Alumni Affairs strengthens institutional relationships and develops and implements programs that sustain an active alumni network. The office, in collaboration with the Association of Yale Alumni in Public Health (AYAPH), facilitates the participation of more than 5,000 alumni in the life of the School and provides a voice for alumni, strengthens alumni connections with the School, and promotes alumni networking. AYAPH is led by a group of dedicated alumni volunteers who serve on its board of directors.

Alumni Day, held annually in New Haven, features a symposium on a timely public health issue, as well as an alumni awards luncheon that recognizes outstanding contributions of our alumni to the field of public health and/or in service to YSPH. Another popular alumni gathering is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA). With APHA hosting its annual meeting in a different U.S. city each year, the schedule ensures participation of graduates located throughout the United States.

YSPH has a strong alumni network, and in addition to participating in formal alumni events, graduates of YSPH routinely assist students in their career paths and networking activities. Alumni are also essential to the practice curriculum through teaching, serving as preceptors, and providing applied research sites for projects and theses.

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Office of Public Health Practice

135 College Street

Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Ph.D., Director

Elaine O’Keefe, Executive Director

The Office of Public Health Practice serves to enhance public health practice education, applied research, and community-university health partnerships, and provides continuing education programs to the public health workforce. The office is a bridge to domestic and international agencies engaged in public health work and serves as an on-site resource for students seeking meaningful learning experiences in the world of public health practice. Its services include helping M.P.H. students select appropriate summer internship placements and assuring that they have multiple opportunities to apply theoretical classroom knowledge to genuine public health issues though practice-oriented courses that are offered during the academic year in addition to the summer internship program.

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